Jerry Sun, Founder

As the founder of Xi'Bing Real Estate, Jerry Sun initially took up a job role as a retail negotiator in JLL Shanghai and he was responsible for inspecting key shopping centers within prime business districts and to produce associated overview reports, factored in tenant mix/voids status amid conducting market research and thus promoting local retail transparency.

He subsequently tilted his area of focus towards residential sector when there was a realization of robust housing demand driven by not only domestic migration, but also sustainable FDI embraced by the government. He has been working as a senior property advisor and broker ever since. At present his scope of work involves gathering property information via various channels, surveying the properties due diligence, matching potential dwellings for tenants and negotiating specific clauses under a feasible covenant at arm’s length through appropriate L-T engineering. The housing category he concentrated on encompasses a wide range of property assets such as listed buildings, old apartments, conventional lane houses, garden houses and high-end high rises. Furthermore, he provides consultation in line with up-to-date market sentiment by examining individual passing rent in conjunction with market rent to ensure tenants get a competitive value for what they signed. His duty also covers paying close attention to different financial benchmarks and gives perspectives to those direct buyers in terms of market volatility and expected yield.


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