U.K. Presence

Student accommodation in the U.K. in recent years has grown in terms of investor interest. For example in Belfast (less prosperous region) there is currently several new student accommodation projects. On contrast, cities in other regions have been enjoying the purpose-build student accommodation for decades.

Among such property providers, United is the first and biggest student accommodation builder across the UK. But other competitors are also seeking opportunities to take a fair share of the market. The business dynamics is underpinned by reputable British universities and associated demand for student housing. Student accommodation are usually sit within the campus and saves many hassles (deposits / utilities / safety aspects) while students might face otherwise by renting a flat elsewhere. Besides, student accommodation act as a hub for students to socialize and make friends more easily.

On this basis, Xi'Bing Real Estate is pleased to set up a strategic partnership with UK Bridge Ltd - a UK based lawyer firm, to jointly present some exciting projects which brings investors some 8-9% guaranteed yields annually. Please have a read of the following introduction, do not feel hesitated to contact for further inquiries.

Hamilton HUB Student Property Project, Birkenhead, U.K.

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NATEX Student Apartment Project, Liverpool, U.K.

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